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GCACF Services

-Complete bookkeeping services

-Deposit remittance 

-Accounts payable

-501c3 nonprofit status

-Complete  IRS form 990  filing

-Google Workspace for Nonprofits account

-Online payment processing (PayPal)

-Online payment processing hosting (Square, et al)

-Social media exposure for your campaign

-Social media fundraising (Facebook Fundraising, Venmo)

-Regulatory bylaws to help govern your organization

-Oversight committee

The Granite City Area Community Foundation can help your organization in many ways.  Executing your plan is often the hardest part of achieving your philanthropic dreams.  We have the structure in place to incubate your organization.  Current services we offer our members:

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Enjoy Our Shade!

Interested in bringing your organization to the GCACF?  Check out our bylaws.  

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